KIMONO dressing procedure

KIMONO dressing procedure

KIMONO is the T shaped fabric that wraps neatly around your body with decorating accessories. The dressing requires a special skill in order to prevent KIMONO from becoming loose. This special skill is called KITSUKE.

At Hanabishi, our skilled staff offer KITSUKE to perfect your KIMONO dressing experience with all accessories to accommodate your KIMONO to maximize the beauty.  The following is how it proceeds.

1.Choose KIMONO and Accessories

On the 1st floor, please select KIMONO that you like.  Next, please also select your hair ornament(s), OBI(Belt), Bag, and ZORI(Sandals).  (You get to keep ZORI as a present from us.)

2.Hair Arrangement

Set up and arrange your hair style.

We recommend you wear a front-buttoned, front zippered, or open-neck clothing to prepare for KITSUKE.  (Rental is available)


You wear NAGAJUBAN underneath KIMONO as an underwear.  Please take off your underwear for this.  You also wear TABI(Socks) beforehand.

4.Girdle with OBI(Belt)

Decorate the OBI you choose.

A single band becomes a beautiful, luxurious accessory, and that’s the breath-taking skill of KITSUKE.

5.Enjoy your KIMONO Experience

Enjoy your sightseeing in Tamba Sasayama with KIMONO.

A photographer will accompany you for the sightseeing spots and places of interest along with photo sessions on site.  (90min / JPY 15000) This service provides a car to get around.


Come back to the store and take off KIMONO for return.  All the belongings will be given back to you here.