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Store introduction

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The city of Sasayama is surrounded by pure nature, and it offers Japanese Traditions, culture, and history in depth.  It is our wish that you would enjoy all the attractions of the city while wearing the Japanese traditional clothing KIMONO.  From walking around the city, to heart warming encounters with the local people, and purchasing souvenirs, we would like to be the starting point of your journey. 


We would like to spread out the attractions of Tamba Sasayama, where KIMONO truly shines and stands out, to the world

KIMONO is the representative traditional costume of Japan, and it best-fits Japanese people.

Clothing naturally becomes refined as it matches the environment and life style of people.  KIMONO was born and well-honed with the life of people in Japan and history.

You will naturally learn beautiful posturing by walking around with KIMONO and appreciating the cuisine which shows the true color of affection for the blessing of nature.  KIMONO will naturally make you feel the change of season through the fabric selection, patterns, and the combination of OBI and others.

However, KIMONO industry is now facing an extinction crisis due to the westernization of Japan, rise of material and laboring costs, decrease in numbers of skilled craftsmen, and other reasons.

We had started our business with the hope of spreading the Japanese tradition, KIMONO’s culture, which would be easily accessible and experienceable to every people visiting Tamba Sasayama.

The fresh and cozy breeze from nature, the streets where people can feel the history of Japan with their skin, and the smiles of the people living here… It is our mission to connect all these attractive things by bringing KIMONO to all the people around the world.

We hope that the experience of Tamba Sasayama and KIMONO through Hanabishi will be memorable and the greatest journey of your life.

KIMONO Rental Hanabishi Takeshi Nakajima

Store information

Store name KIMONO Rental Hanabishi 
President Takeshi Nakajima
Address 12-2 Nikai-cho, Sasayama City, Hyogo, Japan
Tel 079-555-6850
Business KIMONO Rental, Souvenir Sales



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