KIMONO Rental Menu

KIMONO Rental Menu

Basic Plan for Women

JPY 4000(tax excl.)

The basic plan consists of KIMONO, OBI(Belt), NAGAJUBAN(Undershirt), Bag, TABI(Socks), and ZORI(Sandals).  You may choose the color and the pattern of your liking.  The plan is available for 1 or more people.  This is the greatest way to experience Japanese tradition at a reasonable price.

Basic Plan for Men

JPY 5000(tax excl.)

The basic plan consists of KIMONO, OBI(Belt), TABI(Socks), ZORI(Sandals), and HAORI(Short coat). The plan is available for 1 or more people.

Kids Plan

JPY 3000(tax excl.)

We offer a small size KIMONO suitable for kids which consists of KIMONO, OBI(Belt), TABI(Socks), and ZORI(Sandals).  It will be a great experience for them in Tamba Sasayama where they can breathe the fresh and pure air surrounded by nature.  The trip will be truly memorable for your family!

Premium KIMONO Plan

JPY 8000(tax excl.)

You may choose premium KIMONO from our finest selection.  As offered in our basic plan, all the items: KIMONO, OBI(Belt), NAGAJYUBAN(Undershirt), Bag, TABI(Socks), and ZORI(Sandals), are included with this plan.

Option Menu

Free of Charge

Baggage Storage

Until returning your KIMONO, we can store your belongings so that you can enjoy sightseeing in Tamba Sasayama with ease.

We can not store your valuable items.  Please take your valuables with you,

※There will be a fee imposed for storing your suitcase. (JPY500 / per suitcase)

Paid Services

Accompanied by Photographer:  90min 

A photographer will accompany you to in touring around the places of interest and will take the photos for you.  The fee includes the cost of (his/her) transportation.  All of the photo data will be provided to you at the end of the session.

Hair Style Arrangement (Hair ornament rental incl.)

We will arrange your hair style best-suited for the color and pattern of the KIMONO.  The reservation must be made prior to your visit.  Hair ornaments and KANZASHI(Japanese Style Hair-Pin) rentals are free of charge for the customers who use this service.

Next-Day Return

You may keep the KIMONO for the additional charge of JPY1000 per day.

KIMONO Dressing per group

The dresser(s) will visit your hotel and dress you up with KIMONO.  The color and pattern will be selected by the dresser(s).

Others, Small Items Rental

We also provide the rental service for HAORI(Short Coat), Stole, other winter items, luxurious Japanese style bag, and OBIDOME(Sash Band).  Please feel free to ask for the details.